Who We Are

Image America Inc. welcomes you to a world of high quality products that includes an array of exceptional step by step instructional videos/dvds with latest styles on Braids, Weaves, Up-Dos, Natural Locs Styles & Hair Cuts from around the world.  Image America Inc  has been the pioneer for what became the revolution  for increased creativity in the  designing and publication of Braid books in the beauty industry with the introduction of the first step by step illustration of how to in varieties of Braid designs. After decades of  designing and educating over 3,000 beautician around the globe with its award wining hands-on  techniques of hair styles at seminars and trade shows throughout the United States,  the company has gained high recognition from among hair design celebrities and Bonner Brothers Int. Hair show in Aug. of 2018. Our award winning technique, the lazer weave  ( no braid, no glue weave extensions) paved the way for the surge of no braid no weave techniques that followed in the early 90’s. Our enthusiasm and excitement to continue to be among the world leaders in the beauty industry is highlighted by the following innovative and acclaimed Professional Maintenance Products:

*The Glo Naturals chemical-Free, Keratin Hair Straightener system, with No formaldehyde and alcohol-free properties, it transforms very kinky hairs into soft,bouncy and relaxed naturalness.

*The Very Naturals Hair maintenance Collections, is the lattest efforts developed to serve the naturalist desire for stopping hair breakages and assisting in hair  re-growths

* Prestige D’Afrique Moisturizer/Detangle Lotions has commanded leadership in softening the hair naturally and to make it more manageable.

It is our sincere pleasure to continue to serve you , the demanding  stylist ! Thank you for your business and may God Bless your business too.