Welcome ! Thanks for visiting our site designed with you the discriminating customer in mind. We are an ethnic beauty enhancement company and been in business since 2,000. Image America is located in North Brunswick, NJ-USA.

Our interest and experience include researching and developing ways to assist customers in their desire to create, design, Mould and groom their hair styles. One’s ability to grow and maintain a desired length of hair has also been a challenge. We took it very seriously and ceased the opportunity to develop over 90/2 -hr. educational step by step DVDs in that regard.

Image America was also pioneer to designing numerous hair (weave, braid and Locs) extension techniques.

The company has participated in numerous trade and hair shows in around the world to include over 15 States in the USA, Canada, London England, the Netherlands, Paris in France and in west Africa.

Our participations in the Bronner Brothers Int. hair show in Atlanta, GA-USA, IBS-NY and many more over the years has earned us the privilege to help shape the ethnic Hair care industry and various award and accreditations.

A list of our Maintenace and enhancement products include:

  • The Prestige Moisturizer leave -in Detangler Lotion.
  • VN Prestige Hi-Gloss Shine
  • Clericer Scalp Dandruff Control Pomade
  • VN Locs Twisting Gel
  • VN Super Edge Control Gel.
  • VN Hair Protector Serum
  • VN Energizer Hair Growth Serum
  • VN Shampoo & Conditioner.
  • VN Scalp Itch Control Oil.
  • VN Styling Sheen Spray.
  • 100% Nylon Weave thread
  • Cotton Weave Thread.
  • Weave Nets…Stretched.
  • Weave Nets Soft Regular.
  • Curved and straight Needles.
  • Educational 2 – hour Step by Step DVD.
  • VN Loc Em Up for Dred Locs extensions.